Six Key Benefits of the Alucolam Brand

1. Light Weight


Alucolam ACP is comprised of a top and bottom PVFD coated aluminum coil sheet (0.5mm) and a lightweight yet durable (3mm or 5mm) Fire Rated mineral core fused together using an automated patented proprietary bonding lamination method. In order to avoid the effect of oil canning, consistent thickness of single skin panels are adhered to.



2. Flatness


Single skin aluminum sheets, iron sheets, enamel steel sheets, and zinc-plated steel sheets are similar in appearance to ACM. To achieve equal flatness of ACM, the thickness required makes these options far too costly and heavy. Our superior flatness combined with proper fabrication methods leaves no chance of an oil can appearance common with single skin panels.


3. Insulation


The core material in these panels is a patented Fire Rated mineral and polymer binding agent that is a critical element for the Fire Rated insulation of composite panels. The core material acts as a thermal break between the face sheet and building structure which results in far superior thermal performance over single skin panels.

4. Durability


The surface of Alucolam ACP uses the KYNAR-500 series, which are polymer fluoroplastic paints that protect the panels from color degradation.  The adhesive of these panels is Alucolam technology developed for shipping, rail and aerospace industry.  Its performance satisfies the requirement for the exterior material of buildings, whose initial adhesive strength should ensure permanent weatherability. Alucolam product reliability has been demonstrated on countless projects completed since 1987.


5. Varied Processability


ACM planks are commonly fabricated into route and return rainscreen cladding assemblies. Alucolam’s proprietary mineral core allows for ease of machining for the purposes of cutting, grooving, bending, rounding and punching. Ask your local sales rep for a sample to see how easily Alucolam FR planks can be machined.


6. Thirty Standard Colors & Unlimited Euromax Finishes Available


Based on our 30-year production experience of aluminum composite

panels, we have defined a standard color system that includes the 30 colors most preferred by our customers. This enables Alucolam to quickly react to our customers’ needs with a 30 day delivery promise from time of order to complete delivery. Full range of Euramax finishes are available upon request  (extended lead times are required for specialty finishes).


Custom colors are also available if needed.

Alucolam is the brand to trust when quality and service of the highest standards are expected.

New Doha International Airport | using Alucolam ACP

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