Flame Retardant Core



• Flat panel that consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a non aluminium core

• Excellent flatness and light weight

• Aluminium sheets are coated with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)

• Unlimited finishes available through Euramax (extended lead-times apply).

• Excellent durability and processability (rounding process)

• Smooth delivery system via processing after painting




• Interior and exterior panels, and ceiling materials for buildings

• Replacement for the exteriors of remodeled buildings

• Finishings of canopies, pillars, and columns

• Interior panels for electric locomotives

Installation Examples


• Interior panels for Gimpo Int'l. Airport Domestic Terminal Renovations

• Interior panels for New Doha Int'.l Airport & Al-Maktoum Int'l. Airport Dubai

• Ongoing project for the 6 stations of the northwest running SAR Riyadh-Qurayyat Line (owned by the Saudi Arabia Railway Company)

Modern facade design possibilities are nearly limitless when Alucolam ACP is considered for your project.

Flame Retardant Characteristics


As the global regulations on fire and construction material codes have been tightened, Alucolam has developed flame retardant, noncombustible aluminum composite panels. While the structure and composition of these panels are similar to those of our superseded Alucolam PE ACM incorporating a polymer resin core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets with a width of 0.5mm, the FR product line uses an inorganic material that features self-extinction properties to reduce smoke development in a fire.

Alucolam can also be used for interior paneling and signage displays in addition to its excellent exterior facade projects. One example where FR panels were required, is the  Saudi Arabia Railway (SRO) Riyadh-Qurayyat Line. 6 stations & cabin interiors feature Alucolam ACP

BEXCO, Busan Expo & Convention Center

Ilshin Architecture Design

Multiple Award Recipient, completed 2001

with Alucolam ACP Silver color 4mm 6,000m2

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