Introduction to Alucolam

Gimpo International Airport

Domestic Terminal Remodeling

Gansam Architects, Inc. | Hanjin Heavy Industrial

2012 GPD Award Grand Prix GPD(Good Public Design) Foundation


with Alucolam ACP FR Silver metallic 34,000m2

Uniwell International Enterprises Corp. was founded in 1994 as a niche market specialty manufacturer, product innovator and pioneer. Included among Uniwell’s notable successes is the launch and development of the brand Alucolam Aluminum Composite Material and Alucomb Honeycomb panels. With annual volumes over $100,000,000 USD, hundreds of employees and affiliates globally, state-of-the-art ISO 9002 manufacturing, and a national network of shipping logistics experts. Customers can rest assured that Alucolam is a quality brand supported by a strong management team and that is covered by a solid warranty.


Alucolam brand is built on trust. We take pride in fulfilling orders of exceptionally high quality product, consistent specification, concise delivery, and offer full order progress reporting and tracking support services. Honoring our commitments is our number one priority.


As a market leader, Alucolam’s diverse applications extend from architectural construction markets to marine, aerospace, light rail, defense, energy, and signage.


Alucolam’s standard color selection pallet will satisfy most project requirements. For those designers looking for unique finishes with the same durability of standard ACM (PVDF baked durnar finish) but with an artistic flare, Aluolam co-created a strategic alliance with Euramax offering the Euramax full range of designer specialty European coated coil finish options. Upgrading to Euramax specialty finishes add less than 1% premium to the overall cladding costs but the impact will be priceless.

Kolon Industries Integrated Service Center, Dongtan with Alucolam ACP, April 2016

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Kolon Industries Integrated Service Center, Dongtan with Alucolam ACP, April 2016